Control html video tag from panel


I am trying to set the html5 <video> tag options from the panel and I am wondering what the best way is to achieve this.

In the blueprint I added

    label: Video options
    type: checkboxes
    columns: 4
      showcontrols: Show Controls
      autoplay: Autoplay Video
      loop: Loop video
      mute: Mute Audio

In the php file I created the according variables and the following html / php which works.

<video id="vid"  <?php echo $controls, $play, $loop, $mute, $poster ?>
source src="<?=$video->url()?>" type="video/mp4" />

I am having problems interfacing the variables with the settings / checkboxes from the panel since they return 0 or 1 or bool() which is true or false if I understood it correctly?

So I tried something like

if $page->autoplay() == 1
$play = "autoplay ";

which doesn´t work for some reason. And I guess there is a much smarter way.
May be someone can point me into the right direction.

Many thanks in advance.

The checkboxes field adds a comma separated list of options in your content file, which then looks something like this:

Videooptions: showcontrols, loop

depending on the selected options.

So you can use in_array to check if an option was selected:

$videoOptions = $page->videooptions()->split(',');
in_array('autoplay', $videoOptions)? $play = 'autoplay': $play = '';
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Works perfectly now, many thanks!