Control default quality of image while uploading

After uploading an image (JPG) in the panel (Kirby 2.5.12), the resolution and compression gets changed:

Original: 300ppi, 973kb
Uploaded: 96ppi, 73kb

I’m not generating any thumbs or manipulating the image, so I thought the image would stay like the original ? Is there a way to controll these settings ?

I have a project where the quality of the images is important and the compression after the upload is now to strong.

Thanks for any tips !

Unless you use any plugins that manipulate the images on upload, Kirby doesn’t do anything with them (apart from generating thumbs for the Panel view, so the Panel does not display the original files but the thumbs for performance reasons). The original files in the folder remain untouched.

My fault !


I was wondering because I never had this problem before.
It is indeed caused by the plugin “Kirby Auto-Orient Images”.
Strange, since there are no quality settings defined …

Anyway, thanks a lot for the hint !

That plugin indeed doesn’t do anything but rotate a file, so that would be very strange if it changed the image size.

I just tested it again with a fresh Kirby 2.5.12 Plainkit and MAMP 5.3. As soon as the plugin is installed, during the upload in the panel the image resolution gets changed to 96ppi and the file size and/or compression. Just in case you need to investigate this further.

Hm, I tested it in a 2.5.12 Starterkit and it didn’t do anything to the file. But I am on Valet and PHP 7.2, if that makes a difference. If you didn’t experience that before, that’s really weird but most likely not something that’s worth looking into from our side.