CONTACTS US form and CAPTCHA feature

Dear Support,
I would like to ask you where I can adjust CONTACT US form (attached as the printscreen) in the backend. Moreover I would like to include some CAPTCHA feature but I am not a IT person to work with the code so I would like to know whether there is any plugin to download or do it via templates

Thank you in advance for your response and time.
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What do you want to to modify via the Panel? You could certainly change labels etc. via the Panel but without the code of the form, it’s hard to tell.

As regards captcha functionality, there is a plugin:

But I don’t know if this is still functional nor have I ever used it myself.

Thank you for your response.
Regarding the form. when I go to the dashboard via the panel, I cannot see any page related to the contact form attached in previous message.
However when I view the source code it says:

Thank you for the plugin. Is there any other solution? Because it seems as adjusting the code and I do not have IT skills for that.

Lastly, I would like to ask you whether there is any plugin or solution how to attach the ebook on the page and make it readable online. For example as online catalogs of supermarkets.

Happy Easter
Daniel M.


Unfortunately, I don’t know of any other Kirby plugin. The contact form is probably in a template or snippet in the sites folder, you won’t be able to see that in the Panel. Well, yes, you would have to do the validation on the server, and without any coding skills, you might have a problem.

I couldn’t find an ebook plugin for Kirby, but I guess there are other solutions that you can implement with Kirby. I think if you google a bit, you will find something. Without any coding skills, maybe some hosted solution where you just have to add a code snippet to the site would be the most suitable?

Are you using a template you have bought? Without any coding knowledge, Kirby is a bit tough, I’m afraid.

Edit: I just saw that there is a reCaptcha plugin for the Uniform Kirby plugin, but to implement that, you would have to get your hands dirty with code as well :wink:

Thank very much for all effort :slight_smile: I am using a bought template but obviously I will learn coding eventually.

I’m sorry I have no better news for you. But at least Kirby’s API makes it relatively easy to learn coding.

And the community is rather friendly (at least when people are grateful for what we do) :innocent:, so don’t be afraid to ask your question whenever they arise.

Happy Easter !

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BTW: Instead of using Captcha you could use the Uniform plugin which comes with a honeypot feature. It has quite extensive documentation, so that you could replace the current form with a Uniform based contact form. Check it out.

THANK YOU A LOT !!! You saved me :wink: