Contact Form Yes / No / What else?

Well there’s always the discussion if a contact form is really required since the user / customer will always find his way to be able to get in touch with you and a lot of the times people are too lazy too fill out forms with a couple of fields.

So i just want to hear some opinions about contact forms.

  • Is it a thing of the past?
  • Is it use case dependent?
  • how to improve turning a visitor to a leads

A client of mine is rather lazy and not not really “writing” - generally speaking - too much. So i assume answering emails from contact-form-request might also be a pain in the butt. The target audience are somewhat between age 35 to 50, women, who do not appear to be too tech savvy.

So instead of implementing a contact form i would think about having

  • regular mailto links
  • phone number + "tel: " link

on Devices usually each link will handle it properly (tel => dailer, mail => email client)

is there anything against leaving out the contact form?
are there any other suggestions to be very effective that a user is aborting (= chances becoming a lead should be quite high obviously)

on a side-note i also thought about a form for a “callback service” where the phone number /name will be submitted for further contacting.

Because it’s more or less a Landing Page, Forms would also complicate the Caching, so not having a form could be a benefit there if you ask me…

Happy to get some inspiration.

I use a obfuscated email adress. Then I don’t need spam protection.

A contact form with few fields may still be simpler. You can have preselected topics etc. Also the email may not be connected to a mail program.

Jens, what method of obfuscation are you using?

I’ve been using the PHPEnkoder plugin on my WordPress sites and have been looking for something similar to use with Kirby.

At first I built a plugin for it but then I got hinted by someone that I could just use the email kirbytext tag.

It has worked so far. No spam yet.


Well how about that … yet another feature built into Kirby that I didn’t know about.

Thanks, Jens.

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