Confused list sorting


I am using 3 lists of different page types (templates) in one of my panel views. The lists show all pages correctly, but when I change the ranking in the lists, something goes wrong. I think the problem is that all pages are placed in the same page folder. When I change the ranking of one item in one of the 3 lists Kirby sorts all the pages inside the page folder without limiting the sorting to the page types of the lists.
Has anybody else this problem too?

List definitions in my YML-File:

type: pages
de: Produkte
en: Products
create: product
- product

type: pages
de: Themen
en: Topics
create: products_topics
- products_topics

type: pages
de: Produktfamilien
en: Product families
create: product_family
- product_family

All your pages have the same parent, so you cannot sort them separately, because sorting is done via a number that is prepended to the folder name in the file system. If you need to sort them independently, you have to put those pages into different parent pages.

I almost thought so. However, it would be great if this possibility existed. It is definitely not that complicated to sort the lists according to templates and then to sort the pages correctly overall.

The problem is solved! I packed the corresponding pages in subfolders and used the “parent:” attribute on the lists in the YML file. This means that the lists can be clearly displayed in the same panel and the sorting order is also guaranteed :smiley: