Conditional validator

I have situation, where field is required, if “one” or “two” radio button value is selected, and optional, if “three” or “four” is selected. Is there any way to control “required” attribute for field based on another field value in blueprint.

I’m thinking about workaround: I can add 4 conditional fields (with “when”) per each (I have 3 fields like this, so 3*4=12 additional fields in total), and always update original value based on criteria in “after update” hook. Is there any easier way?

As far as I know, it is not possible to set the required attribute conditionally, because at the time you set the value in the first field, the frontend doesn’t know anything about your conditions in the backend.

Solution is: I created many field with when field. I ended up with 50 “fake” fields in blueprint.