Conditional fields with similar purpose fields

I wonder if there is a way to only display or dim the unselected value of a conditional field in a structure? Or any other way to be able to distinguish which field have ben choosed,

Here it is with an internal or external link, but I have plenty of use cases where it could be useful in mind. Ideally, both would have the same related link in that case (link) instead of (link_internal / link_external)

1/3. Sample of the blueprint

type: structure  
      label: true
      link_internal: true
      link_external: true
      size: true
      width: true
      type: true
    label: Location 
    type: radio
    default: internal
    columns: 2
      internal: Internal
      external: External
        location: external
      type: url
        location: internal
      type: pages

2/3.Preview of the current field:

2021-10-27 12-17-08.2021-10-27 12_19_05

3/3. That I would love (or any other way to distinguish them)

You can create custom previews for fields in a structure field, see

I will try something than come back with my output