Conditional fields, when not empty

Hi everyone.
I’m a little confused right now and I can’t figure out a probably really easy thing.

I’m trying to use conditional fields which, by the way, I really like!
I simply want to show a text field when a textarea field is not empty, but how?
I can easily manage the other way around, show the text field when the textarea field is empty, writing

  type: text
    textarea: ''

Could you please help me out with this?
I also tried to put ‘*’ but, of course, the system expect me to actually have an asterisk in the textarea.

Thank you everyone!

That’s currently not possible, at least not out of the box (meaning, you would need a custom field). There are quite a few feature requests regarding more sophisticated conditional fields. you might want to support.

Thank you @texnixe for your quick answer.
I’ll check the requests.

Have a nice day! :hugs:

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