Color Palette Plugin extract feature on XAMPP

Hello there,

I am testing the Color Palette Plugin by Sylvain Julé on XAMPP local environment and have difficulties with the color extract feature:

I have a color-palette field with the option extractor: true enabled, but whenever I select an image, nothing happens (and no palette appears). When I put the same setup on my web hosting however it seems to work (a color palette is generated) so I guess the problem must be in the local settings.

I recently had to enable GD in XAMPP because image cropping wasn’t working properly. Is there any other PHP library that should be enabled in this case?


I don’t think so, by default Kirby uses GD and that’s also the requirement for the color-extractor library used by the plugin.

Do you get any errors or just no color? Have you tested with a different PHP version?

Not getting get any errors, just no color. I checked as suggested and XAMPP is using PHP 8.0 while the web hosting runs on an older PHP version, so that must be it. Thank you!