Collection returns only lower case

I have a simple collection:
$collection= $kirby->page('blog')->children()->listed()->groupBy('category');.
When I dump the collection I get only lower case values. Is there a way to get the original case of the values?

Thanks in advance.

You can either go the blueprint way ($page->blueprint()), or create a category map array in your config/language files in case of multilanguage files.

(last example needs to be adapted to Kirby 3 code, of course)

This doesn’t work. Dump of $kirby->page("extramenu")->blueprint()->fields(); is an empty array.

More context:
I am creating an intranet where I want to add my own links to the navigation menu.
To manage the links I have created a blueprint where all the data for a link is entered. Among them also a “link group”, something like a folder in the Windows star menu. But to be able to assign the links, I have to group them by the link group and then output them. But for the comparison and the output in the menu I need the values in original not in lower case.

I hope this helps.

In your first example, your page was called blog, not extramenu

This was just sample data. :slight_smile:

Well, if the dump is empty, then the page blueprint doesn’t have any fields defined.