Cloning site preventing

Hi we have found few sites that clone our site on fly.

Is there any solutions how we can stop doing it?

the original site is

They clone every page, and change canonical, links almost everything. If I try to use some PHP code

<?php if($_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] !== ''): ?>
    <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=<?= $page->url() ?>">
<?php endif ?>

it’s not working on these sites.
But if I use JS it is working


    const url = 'https://your/request/url';
    if(this.responseURL != url){


Is there any other ways to do it more correctly?

What a crazy thing!

Report them to Google and Bing, they will take them off the search.
Check their hosting company, write to them, and they will take them off fully.

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thanks, will try to do this.