Clean beauty HTML

Hi, I build a website with kirby and now I try to get nice readable HTML-Code if I open the page-source in the browser.

In the picture, you can see all the html-tags are on one level, no indentation.
The source code in the case of the picture

<?= $page->text()->kt()?>

The same problem is than I had a snippet with more than one line.

So, is there any trick or option to get nice HTML-output?

Why would you want to care about how the HTML is displayed in the source view? If you need something more readable, use the inspector?

Yes, it’s possible, but what speaks against it to have nice HTML in the source view?

Is it possible to have better html-code in the source view or not?

I see where that intention comes from. I’m usually caring about that as well. Otherwise every space/newline could be stripped to save even more traffic.

You can probably find some HTML beautifier that you could run on the rendered stuff if you search for it. IMO that would be unnecessary overhead for something that is not visible to users.