Chunky – Large and resumable uploads for your panel

Hi everyone,

I’d like to introduce my new (and first Open Source) Kirby CMS Plugin - “Chunky”! :partying_face:

With Chunky, you can easily upload very large files, ranging from a few MB to multiple TB, through the Files section of the Kirby panel in your browser without having to worry about your server, proxy (such as Cloudflare, …), firewall, or hosting provider’s upload limits (the solution proposed for this feature request here). The popular tus protocol is used in the background to ensure fast, secure, and resumable(!) uploads, even if your users have an unstable internet connection.

Features at a glance:

■ Upload very large files from within the Kirby panel, from a few MB to multiple TB in size.
■ Initiate resumable uploads from within the Kirby panel at any point.
■ Bypass file upload limits set by PHP.ini, proxy, firewall, or hosting provider.
■ Fast and secure uploads of any size without modifying server settings.
■ Automatic calculation of the maximum available chunk size on the server.
■ Custom chunk size can be configured within the site’s config.
■ All file sections are automatically extended without modifying blueprints.
■ Deep integration of custom file-related hooks and compatibility with other file-related plugins.
■ Compatible with any web server and hosting provider, including NGINX, Apache, and Caddy.
■ Works seamlessly for panel users and fits perfectly with the familiar Kirby upload UI.

Installation is quick and easy - simply download, drop it into the plugin folder, and you’re ready to go! Once installed, Chunky will work transparently in the background through the Kirby panel UI, without any necessary changes to your sections or blueprints. You can test it by trying to upload a large file (ideally larger than the limit of your server/proxy) and see what happens! :wink:



How about creating a PR so that your plugin gets listed on

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Yes, I wanted to ask how to do that? I’m not really familiar with the Kirby Plugins page :sweat_smile:

edited: removed instrutions to avoid cluttering your plugins thread.

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Thank you very much! I just followed your instructions and am waiting for my PR to be accepted now. The nice looking screenshot might be a bit tricky because the plugin actually operates completely transparent behind the files section. But I’m sure I’ll figure it out somehow… ^^

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