Chinese text single character not working

So heres an odd one. I have two websites running on the same server with the same settings (.htaccess etc). Im migrating one into the other. I have copied some markdown containing simplified Chinese text over from one to the other, but theres is a single Chinese character not displaying properly in the new version of the site. Im getting the diamond with a ? in it that usually means the encodings wrong. It works fine in the source site.

The character that wont show up is: 代

Any ideas? It displays properly in the panel. This page was created with the panel, not manually.

I’ve just copied this character into a page and it displays properly. Maybe you copied over some hidden characters.

So what happens if you copy paste this character from your post into the page?

Hmm it works on its own, but it wont show up inside a list and made bold with markdown. Weird. I cant see any hidden characters. i copied from text file to text, not via the panel.

Hm, works for me… You mean a markdown list? Could you paste the complete text line with that character?

Fixed it!

But it it was a bit of a crazy fix. There was a hidden character on the end of the paragraph above the list. Really odd that it affected stuff below, because that character was in the middle of the sentence, not the next character after the hidden one.

Oh well, yes, these things happen occasionally when copy/pasting stuff, not only with Chinese characters…