Checkboxes field query -- fetch pages in natural order?

Hey guys,

i am using checkboxes to select a number of pages by template.

    label: Pages
    type: checkboxes
    options: query
      fetch: pages
      value: '{{uri}}'
      template: default

This shows the found pages with its title in alphabetical order.
Can i have the elements displayed in natural order too, like in the order found by traversing through the site-tree? Right now i am ordering the selected pages by hand in the respective content .txt file.

There is a feature flip: true
– maybe we could change this to:

order: flip | order: natural | order: default

Thank you :hamster:

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Hey Fabian,
what a simple fix, i i merged your pull request ASAP,
i really hope it makes it into the next release of kirby :smile:!!

Thank you!