Check if variable equal to array

Sorry for my PHP-oriented question, but I can’t find my solution :frowning:

$some2  = 'ok';                          
if ($some1 == $some2)
  echo 'well ok';

Works and I get "well ok"
But if I set an array it doesn’t work

$some2  = array('ok', 'ok2', 'ok3');                          
if ($some1 == $some2)
  echo 'well ok';

Looks like you are looking for in_array

$some2 = ['not-ok', 'almost-ok', 'ok'];
if (in_array('ok', $some2)) {
    echo 'well ok';

What do you want to compare? Check if two arrays are equal? Or if an element is contained in an array? For the latter, use in_array(), for the first, use == or === depending on whether or not you want to compare order as well.

Thanks, I was looking for
<?php if (in_array($some1, $some2)) { echo 'well ok'; } ?>