Changing the number of rows and posts displayed in the Notes/weblog page

Hi everyone,

I’m starting to learn Kirby so I’m really new to this and hope I can make myself clear.

I am trying to change the number of rows that the Notes page, which I’ve changed to Journal, displays. I’ve reduced their size in this line by changing the 4 to 2

<li class="column" style="--columns: 2">

but the page still only displays 6 posts by default. I would like to keep them all to about this size, but display two lines of 6, or 5, before needing to go to the next page. I’ve looked all over the Kirby docs and forum but just don’t know what to change.

Here’s my journal.php code:

<?php snippet('header') ?>

<?php if (empty($tag) === false): ?>
<header class="h1">
    <small>Tag:</small> <?= esc($tag) ?>
    <a href="<?= $page->url() ?>" aria-label="All Notes">&times;</a>
<?php else: ?>
  <?php snippet('intro') ?>
<?php endif ?>

<ul class="grid">
  <?php foreach ($journal as $note): ?>
    <li class="column" style="--columns: 2">
      <?php snippet('note', ['note' => $note]) ?>
  <?php endforeach ?>

<?php snippet('pagination', ['pagination' => $journal->pagination()]) ?>
<?php snippet('footer') ?>


The pagination limit is set in the notes controller (site/controllers/notes.php), starterkit/notes.php at 20e971adb4d92f639d8cd0a05847a4e2fad39942 · getkirby/starterkit · GitHub

That’s it - thanks, Sonja! I did look in there but obviously missed the paginate number.