Changing Template in the Backend?

Hi together,

is there any possibility to make the customer change templates by hisself in the backend, so without rename the .txt file ?

Currently, this is not possible. If you want to mimic some such behavior, you could use a template field in your blueprints and use snippets instead of templates.

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Thanks for the fast answer… okay, is it planned? Thanks for ur idea but it doesnt work in my situation : / I’ll try an other way :wink:

It used to be in the 2.1 milestone but don’t know what happened to it in the meantime:

It’s a difficult problem to solve in general. Different templates may have different field types with the same name or a totally different set of fields. Converting content to another template automatically might fail quite often.

But there could be a blueprint option to define templates a page is allowed to “morph” into – that way, the designer could make sure that it actually makes sense.

If I understand correctly it’s planned for “next” release:

However the issue has been closed, and no roadmap is provided.

Crossing fingers.

I was about to try that, the only problem is I don’t know how to give the user a visual cue of how the template would look like. Something like a thumbnail would be nice.

If a feature is on the develop branch, it is done and will be included in the next release. In this case 2.3, which will be right after the beta stage is done.

Speaking of beta: You can try out this feature in the Kirby 2.3 beta 1.

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That’s awesome :heart:

You won’t have a visual clue though, because the panel uses the blueprints, not the templates.