Change label of title

Hi. Is it possible to change the label of a page title? So when I add a page I don’t want the user to input the “title” I want them to input “Generic name”. Possible? Thank you so much for any insight.

Not out of the box, but should be possible with the “Custom add fields” plugin:, which is great anyway, because you can define additional fields to be filled in at page creation, or leave fields out.

Super! Thanks @texnixe

Sad. This plugin is not working. I get the same issue this dude ran into but the fixed didn’t work. I’m running the latest Kirby ( v3.4.3 ). Maybe it’ll magically work after a few updates to the plugin. Oh the woes of plugins.

Too bad. Maybe there will be a fix soon. And hopefully, this functionality will make it into core in the end.

Feature can be upvoted here: Looks like it needs a few additional votes…