Centering text in Kirby

Hi Kirby,

I am trying to find a CSS command for centering all of the images and text on my blog, do you know a CSS code that I can paste into the beginning of a post or into the stylesheet itself?

Here is an example of a blog post of mine:

As you can see the JTW on the left side of my page interferes with the images/text…do you know a command that I can past into the style sheet or at the beggining of a page to indent everything (text and images about one inch to the right?

Thanks so much for your help,


Why not center the whole block using

.page-desc {
  margin: 0 auto;

AWESOME, thanks so much texnixe! Where do I paste this?

Into your main.css stylesheet.

ok an in the .css style sheet…is there a particular place where I paste it? Or should I just search for this part of the sheet?

Line 943 would be a good place :wink:

Edit: Please keep in mind that this is a Kirby forum. We try to give the best possible support for anything Kirby specific/related, but it would be impossible to answer all sorts of general HTML/CSS/JS knowledge questions.

awesome thanks so much