Categories, multilanguage and relations

Hi there, is there a best practice in k3 for managing a multilanguage news-site with related categories like DE: Essen, EN: FOOD?
When i’m using tags as categories, theres no translationable relationship between the tags.

Thanks for ideas.

If you don’t limit your options, then probably no. But you can limit your options for tags:

thanks @texnixe. sadly i dont get it. is there a example somewhere or can you give me a little more explanation about this? thanks in advance!

Let me ask a question instead. What would be the expected behavior? Do you want to store a different value per language? Or would if be OK to store one value, and then get the translation for the different languages from a language file using the t() helper? This is what I would do, but of course it requires that you define your options beforehand or that you use the structure field to let the user define those relationsships, i.e. the possible values and their translations.

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In this case i have to use the variant thats editable for backend users.

would love to get rid of a site using wordpress and use kirby instead. its a multilanguage site with 4 languages and editors around the globe, still growing. they have to place and edit own categories and tags in its own language and editors from other countrys will translate it then.

What you could test is using options from such a structure field in your tags field (and set accept: options to limit the available tags to these predefined options), and check how that behaves. Haven’t tried that myself yet, so I don’t have an answer at the moment.

I think what @gfx_dude is trying to achieve can be done by creating a Categories page on the root and adding each category as subpages to be fetched in a select or tags query option. That way categories can be translated but stay linked together across languages.

With that, you also get the benefit of having a page for each category that can be used to display their posts.

i tried to use a structure field, but the relation across the values wont work or i cant get it to run. the other problem ist that the english values are not shown when i’m switching to the englisch version, they still in the default language? i’m doing something wrong…

i think @pedroborges is right. using pages and subpages is a proper way. but on the other hand its not the nicest way to integrate and display those settings for editors because its outside the blogarea part…

Actually, with Kirby 3 you can include those in the blog area. You could list blog posts in one large column in the Panel and list categories in a pages section on the side or add a dedicated tab for them.

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You could even use the Pagetable plugin to display all translations in these pages in a nice table layout…

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you’re right! i totally lost that feature out of focus :wink:

ok, thats my way to go for the moment. maybe there is a nicer way later.
thank you both for your support!