Cannot access panel, CURL not detected

Hi, I am running PHP v8.1.7, I verified I have the curl extension installed, I have CURL version 7.85 installed. I am unable to install the panel, it tells me that the CURL extension is required. This happened after I switched to composer for updates and installed the latest version of Kirby, I had previously installed the panel.

Just to clarify: The Kirby version you had installed before (which one?) was running fine under the same PHP version?

How did you verify that the php curl extension was installed and enabled?

I verified the extension was enabled using php -i and php - m, I was upgrading from 3.7. Everything was working prior, the site is still up now I just can’t get into the panel. Looks like I last updated my PHP on Oct 9th but I was on 8.1+ prior.

The PHP installation on the CLI can differ from what your web server uses. Please verify the cURL extension using phpinfo() in a PHP file that is accessed via HTTP(S).

Hi, thank you. I feel like a knucklehead, I had never restarted the webserver after I upgraded my PHP and that’s what was causing issues. Thanks for the help everyone!