Can 'title' still be used as a data field name?

In a Kirby 2 project I used the field name “title” extensively in my page files.
In the current documentation, that is also practiced:

In K3, when I try to put a editing text field for ‘title’ in the yml, e.g. like so:


width: 1/2
    type: fields
        label: Title
        type:  text
        label: Author
        type:  text

then the ‘title’ field is simply not outputted in the panel. The corresponding ‘author’ field is displayed just fine.
BTW in the template $page->title() works still as expected and fetches the corresponding entry.

Can ‘title’ not be used anymore as a field name in K3? Is there a workaround (as I am trying to migrate quite a bunch of content and template and yml files with ‘title’ in there) ?

You have to remove the title field from your blueprints. The title is automatically added to the content file when you create a new page. Or picked up from existing content files.

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Thanks. I did remove the title in the Blueprint, but did not realize, that the headline is now basically the ‘title’ field. Thanks for clearing that up.