Calling a Kirby snippet via ajax

I was wondering what the right way of doing things would be If i want to have a button that onclick returns the contents of a kirby snippet via ajax.

I know I could create a seperate page and template that would just output that snippet, and then just make a ajax call to that page, but I dont want to end up having 100 Pages for seperate ajax calls, since that would just bloat my backend.

<? foreach($site->stoneaccessories()->toStructure() as $stoneAccessorie):?>
    <? foreach($stoneAccessorie->slider()->toStructure() as $slider):?>
        <span><? echo $slider->text() ?></span>
        <span><? echo $slider->subtext() ?></span>
    <? endforeach;?>
<? endforeach;?>

Maybe this is the right path but sadly the documentation isnt there yet.

You can’t make a call to a snippet. You can either use a route or a content representation.

Alright i didnt know about content representations, I will take a look at them, thanks.