Call to a member function title() on boolean error

Hi Good day! I am now currently connecting a template to kirby and making it dynamic. At first I thought codekit caused the error but when I tried testing it on my old kirby installation, the error also existed there. Below is a screenshot of the error. Is there something wrong with my syntax? Any help is appreciated. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Yes, there is definitely an error.


does not make sense.

You can use either:


And usually, it should be possible to just use


don’t know why you are trying to find the page first, unless your home.php template is not for the home page.

Cause of the error: The page object does not exist, and you can’t call an object’s method on a non-existing object.

Thank you @texnixe the $page->title() works. I should’ve study more! Thanks a lots!