Caching children on parent?

I have a landing page which lists out all it’s children’s content on it. This page requires a user to be logged in to view, so I can’t cache the landing page as a whole. Is it possible to cache only the portion of the page which lists out the children? I am noticing it’s a little slow, so hoping to avoid iterating over children on the fly.

Unfortunately I can’t answer your question directly, but this topic may help you: Cache part of a page?

Thanks, that worked great. I used a snippet in order to fetch the contents which would be stored in the cache.

    $cache_key  = 'portfolio';
    $portfolio  = cache::get($cache_key);

    if (!$portfolio) {
        $portfolio = snippet('portfolio', array('site'=>$site), true);
        cache::set($cache_key, $portfolio);

It is important to pass the $site variable into snippet, otherwise it doesn’t seem to have access to it yet.


Great. Thanks for sharing your solution.