Cachebuster shows 500

I’ve been trying to use the cachebuster plugin both on my local and server environments. For some reason, my server configuration doesn’t seem to like it. The plugin works as it succesfully alters the URLs of my static files. Loading them up does however show a 500 error. I can’t for the life of me seem to debug this, and I’m not totally sure where the problem lies.

My server uses Plesk 17 as it’s panel, with a reverse proxy configured that proxies requests from Apache through Nginx. My senses tell me something might be up with that. I’ve enabled the plugin in both config files and added .htaccess directives. Adding Nginx specific location directives directly on the server does nothing either.

This may or may not be Kirby related, but does someone have had the same problem? My Googling skills kind of not help me at the moment, so all help is welcome.

Thanks already

Nevermind, fixed it myself. I’ve tried using the Nginx directive on the plugin page itself, but that didn’t work. This works though. Instead of referencing an arbitrary path, it directly speaks to the files itself.

location ~*(.+)\.(?:\d+)\.(js|css)$ { try_files $uri $1.$2; }