Build predetermined child pages

I had previously used the below blueprint code within a Typeface page to automatically have subpages with certain templates for handling images and font files as well as various other info. In my typefaces.yml blueprint it looked like the following:

     - title: Fonts
       uid: fonts
       template: fonts
       num: 1
     - title: Images
       uid: images
       template: images
       num: 1

This no longer seems to function in Kirby 3. Was this scrapped or is there a better way I can do this?


This automatic builder doesn’t exist anymore but can be achieved with hooks, see the upgrade guide:

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That worked a treat. Thanks Sonja!

@texnixe another question on this. Is it possible to have a subpage also make use of the subpage builder? I have a page being made that I’d like to have a series of subpages itself but the hook doesnt seem to pick that up.

Recursive subpage builder: