Bug [panel] - Kirby 3.4.2 - changeRole


When I update my website with Kirby 3.4.2, the user role option is disabled in the panel yet my blueprints setting says users > changeRole: true.

If I rollback with the previous Kirby version, I can change the role in the panel.

My blueprint:

title: Manager
description: The manager can administrate all partnerships
    panel: true
    site: true
    settings: true
    users: true
    backups: true
    create: true
    changeTemplate: true
    changeTitle: true
    changeStatus: true
    changeSlug: true
    duplicate: true
    delete: true
    hide: true
    sort: true
    update: true
    preview: true
    create: true
    changeName: true
    changeEmail: true
    changePassword: true
    changeRole: true
    delete: true
    update: true
    create: true
    changeEmail: true
    changeLanguage: true
    changeName: true
    changePassword: true
    changeRole: true
    delete: true
    update: true

Can you reproduce this issue, is it a bug ?


Did you check your website with https://github.com/getkirby/kirby/releases/download/3.4.0/hook-migration-checker.zip ?

For details please look at the 3.4.0 release infos…

Yes I did it and fixed the warning !

Do you have any other roles, apart from admin?

This is known case after 3.4.0 release.

You can see this in the comments and it was planned to be developed in the next releases.

I use PHP 7.3 and 7.4
Sonja, yes I set several roles in my application.

@ahmetbora Mhmm yes, seems the same bugs

It’s probably more a feature then a bug, with a detailed setting for users to change other peoples roles missing at the moment. See my comment in that thread.

But why did it work with my previous Kirby version?

I decided to merge this as a first step for 3.4 and then later we can improve this further.

Did you update from 3.4 or 3.3.6?

from 3.3.5

That would explain it then, because this (security) feature (or whatever you want to call it) was obviously introduced in 3.4.

Ok thanks, understood. So we will maybe have a solution in a future version.

If you absolutely need this to work, you probably have to stick with 3.3.5/3.3.6 at the moment.

Hello. We are not able to update to the latest 3.5 version at this stage, and we are going live with the latest 3.4. version. Is there not some sort of patch that can be applied to 3.4. to get the roles working. We have 4 types of users and not being able to add their role has a major impact to how our site works.

To answer my own question, we renamed the admin user role and and without that role we lost access to changeRoles. With us reverting back to the admin role, this is resolved.

I’m having trouble with this issue on Kirby 3.9. Is this issue still unresolved?

@texnixe Are you able to reproduce this issue? I’m not sure what I’m missing.

Yes! don’t know why, as a user with say a role editor, when I create a new user, I can select a role (other than admin), but cannot change neither my own role nor that of the other user I created. Doesn’t seem logical. But also not so easy to solve, without being able to define what role a given role is allowed to create.

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