Breadcrumb example question

Howdy, I went to reference the breadcrumb example here. What’s this blogurl() bit? This example works as expected. I’m just curious as to why the name blogurl? I have no blog in my project.

<nav class="breadcrumb" aria-label="breadcrumb">
    <?php foreach($site->breadcrumb() as $crumb): ?>
      <a href="<?= $crumb->blogurl() ?>" <?= e($crumb->isActive(), 'aria-current="page"') ?>>
        <?= html($crumb->title()) ?>
    <?php endforeach ?>

Actually this doesn’t work as expected. I replaced blogurl() with just url() and it works as expected. Still not sure what that blogurl() is trying to tell me in that example.

I’ve never seen a method called blogurl(), wonder if this is some custom method that should not be in the example. Please replace with url() instead.

I fixed it in the docs.

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sorry for this (mayby stupid) question but where does the given coode goes? Which file is to adjust to make this happen?

That depends, the breadcrumb navigation is something that you can add in your templates optionally. It would usually go into a snippet that you can then include wherever you need it (header snippet, directly in a template etc.).

aaah, so the examples are not meant to change the panels’ breadcrumb (which i’d like to do in oorder to ohide some “special” pages from it)

Nope, that’s frontend, not Panel

and for the panel? Is there any chance to “refine” the breadcrumb?

What do you have in mind?

You could also override the topbar in a plugin, I guess, or hide parts of the breadcrumbs via CSS.

we use some special configuration pages which are stored in path configcontainer but being linked from panelhome. So the breadcrumb is:


As this is not obvious to the user he often clicks on configcontainer which leaves the user somewhat lost. Therefore i was thinking about hiding the configcontainer from the breadcrumb.

Again the easiest option would be to simply hide the unwanted path of the breadcrumb via CSS and Panel redirection for an empty page - #5 by thguenther