Blueprints conversion from Builer to Blocks

Hello there, hope all is good, me good.

So I move from Builer to Blocks, and I was surprise when I looked the blueprint file. I was waiting to find something that looks like the ones from Builder. But I see inline non structured content.

  • Am I missing something to have the content to look something like Builder?
    Also I have two related questions, what is easy way to bring back the content from Builder to Blocks? And is it possible to have nested blocks as in Builder?
    Thank you very much.
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The Builder plugin stored content in yaml format, the blocks field stores content in JSON. You can make it look more human readable and structured by adding the pretty: true property to the blocks field definition. It will then look like this:

I’m afraid I don’t quite understand this question.

Yes, that works. Although depending on what you are using them for, using the layout field might be the better option than nested blocks.

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Can you tell me where exactly you put that line, in the yaml? I have no clue (I’m still missing many weeks of code…)

Concerning my second question, I meant is there a simple way to bring back the content generated by Builder into the Blocks’ contents, as I’m using the same names, yaml and updated the templates accordingly?

Thank you very much, I will look closely to layout field.

I sure can :wink:

    type: blocks
    pretty: true

As preview in the Panel? YEs, you can create custom previews for each block.

Thank you!

No, I try to figure out if there a way to slip the existing content from Builder into the content of Blocks without havinf to copy/paste it between the fields…

Oh, alright, but that will happen automatically, you only need to set up the blueprints for your custom blocks.

Hello again, so I was using so far nested builder to do that, what is the new/best approach to do this: I’ve two differents courses (with presentation), each one has a bunch of courses with dates and info. Can you point me in a direction, I’m now a little bit confuse, thank you very much.
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I’d say either nested blocks or a structure field inside the course block.

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