Blueprint query options

I’m building a set of fields that makes it possible to change the layout of some image tiles on the front end. Sometimes 3 images are used, sometimes 4. I know I can query the values of fields now in the blue prints, but that only works once the page has been saved, doesn’t it?

If i make a select field to choose the layout and it needs to use 3 images rather then 4, it will stick to 4 images until the page is saved, won’t it?

Basically I want to drive the min / max option on a images filed based on the value of a select field.

So the select field will have options in it like below, and i need to pick up on the number in the value so that the images field can only set exactly 3 images (or 4 if thats been picked).


Can I do this?

Wouldn’t the builder plugin be an option? If the user chooses the 3 image layout, then your modules has an image field with 3 images, otherwise 4? Not quite sure I really understand your requirement.

Its a bit like those image tiles of varying sizes on the first page of the K3 Starterkit. Ive got several different arrangements of those tiles that I want the user to pick from, and sometimes it uses 4 images, sometimes 3.

I am using the builder plugin but i was trying to avoid lots of blocks to set up and pick from, but rather drive it from one block.

I guess i could make two blocks up, one for 3 images, one for 4 and drive the layouts in side them with the imageradio plugin or a select.

Yes, that’s what I meant, not 6 blocks…