Blocks - transferring custom blocks from old editor plugin

It’s easy enough to transfer custom blocks to the new custom block format, what i need is a way to convert this:

        "attrs": [],
        "content": "Sequencer Favorites",
        "id": "_4t1trkqvr",
        "type": "section-header"

to this:

        "text":"Channel Options"

with some convoluted find/replace function or something

at the very least it’d be good to know if it’s possible for me to generate the UUIDs kirby uses now, so i can just write some python script to do this for me

Maybe this new recipe helps with your task as well.

that’s probably the solution, the problem is i doubt i know enough about php to do that to every content file at once and replace the old blocks that are already there so i might need to just go learn some more and come back to this :P

welp, time to learn!