Block plugin preview works / does not work depending on block's name

Hi! I tried to create my own block plugin. Everything worked fine except the preview. The only thing it showed me was the block name and icon. After a while, I discovered the reason - my original block name was rating. I changed it to abc and suddenly the preview worked as expected. Then I renamed it to a-rating and it still worked. It seems the first character of the name have to be a letter from the start of alphabet.

I remember there used to be a similar problem with naming Editor plugins. Is it possible that this error somehow slipped into Blocks?

No, the problem with the Editor plugin was that custom blocks had to be loaded after the main plugin was loaded, so they had to in the file system after the editor folder.

Since blocks are a core field, the naming doesn’t matter. The issue is probably something else, at least I cannot reproduce it. Could you post your code?

Oh, the issue is solved… Now I feel a little bit silly. :slight_smile: I left one of my old Editor plugins in plugins folder. I did not notice it threw some errors in the console. I guess it prevented proper loading of plugins after that.