Auto-Orient Images Plugin

Images containing EXIF orientation flag uploaded to Kirby Panel are shown with the wrong orientation, which is very common with photos taken from iPhones.

There have been previous discussions around this issue and the solutions proposed required having Imagick PHP extension on the server, which is not available in some shared-hostings.

This plugin makes use of the SimpleImage library which is included in Kirby Toolkit as part of the gd thumb driver and provides a auto_orient method for fixing image orientation.


Once the plugin is installed, new JPEG images uploaded via Kirby Panel will be automatically rotated based on their EXIF orientation flag.

If you need to disable this feature in any environment, use the auto-orient-images option:

c::set('auto-orient-images', false);

Huge thanks to Colour Mafia (by @dilby) for sponsoring this release!

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