Author taxonomy with relational data

I am building site that collects articles from differend authors. They are translations of philosophical texts already published (years ago most of the time).

There are many original authors and i would like to show little description about them on each of their articles. Basicaly i need custom taxonomy like Tags but i also need relate some data to this tag/author.

The not ideal way i solved this was creating hidden page for each of the authors and then link that page to the article.

Is there any better way? The ux of this (you need to find the page by url) is not ideal.


There’s a tutorial on how to do something like this with Kirby 1. All of this should still work today.

Concerning blueprints (how to select which author wrote an article): That would be something like this for your article template:

    label: Author
    type: select
    options: query
      page: authors
      fetch: children

Awesome. Works. Its was in the docs all the time. Its pretty hard to find something when selectbox has big documentation and other form types have nothing, most of the time you dont know where to look. First time ive heard about options and query (and ive bulild at least 5 production sites with kirby).

So is there some autocompletition form type (like tags or authors) that can take custom query? Page will search everywhere…

Thanks a lot!

Yes, definitely true. We are currently working on the cheat sheet and when this is done, we will improve the solutions and blog and create a new guides section that will be easier to find. :slightly_smiling:

So you mean a field with a text input so that users can type the name with auto-completion? That does not currently exist, but you could create your own version of the page field and put it in site/fields. However, I think that a select box is more reliable because the value is guaranteed to be valid.

Great point.

Thank you!