Authenticator Plugin (2-step verification)

:shield: Authenticator plugin for Kirby. Improved authentication system with 2-step verification.


Main features

  • 2-step verification
  • Password reset (soon)
  • Password-less login via email (soon)
  • Custom login layout (soon)

Basic Usage

Once installed, Authenticator will automatically register the necessary users blueprint to activate the plugin. If your project already have a default users blueprint, you will need to add the field below to site/blueprints/users/default.yml:

    type: authenticator

Then you can login, go to[username]/edit, and scroll to the 2-step verification section. From there you can turn 2-step verification on/off by clicking on the button on the right and following the instructions.

This plugin is still in beta and there are some features that I’d like to complete. That doesn’t mean it’s buggy, all implemented features should work well. It just doesn’t have all the features I have planned for it yet. I’d appreciate if you can test it and give feedback.


Nice work @pedroborges. I would use it for the the password reset alone :sweat_smile:.

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That’s the next feature to be implemented. Since the plugin already controls the login view, adding the link and form should be straightforward.

By the way, localisation support is already implemented. For now it supports only English and Brazilian Portuguese.

Anyone is welcome to send pull requests for more languages.

@pedroborges will you also integrate support for YubiKey‘s?