Atom Editor Autocomplete

Anyone out there who has already created an autocomplete package for Atom?

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I actually started the necessary .json files a while ago, but I don’t know enough JS to make the whole package and make the provider work correctly.

If anyone is interested we could collab.

Just found the docs:

I guess, the first question would be how we’d like it to behave

I think ideally, suggesting based on context would be best. If it can detect what class or object precedes the marker and suggest the appropriate set of methods, I think we would have a pretty good autocomplete package.

For example, if you start with $page->, locale() shoud probably not be part of the autocomplete results as locale() is used on $language objects and on the $site object.

@distantnative Do you want me to share what I started?


Yea, would be interested :smile:

I’ll add you as a collaborator/make the repo public when I get the time.

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