Assign File Template


I have a tab that holds files sections for docs and images.

Both are filtered by template. For example the images only display images assigned to the image template. I have images that do exist but are not shown because they must not use the image template. How do I assign a file to a template so, in this case, it will display.

Please advise.

Answer: You create a text file that matches the file name and provide instructions on what file template is to be used.

For example a file named myimage.jpg needs a text file called myimage.jpg.txt

In that text file you at least need the following…

Template: myfiletemplate

Note: you would replace ‘myfiletemplate’ with the name of your file template.

What would be nice is if you could display any files that exist in the current content folder, but assign newly uploaded file to a specific template.

This would ease the v2 to v3 upgrade process (which is not to be taken lightly)

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You can do that by adding another section, however, this section would then display all files (so also the ones with templates assigned). Unless you use the filesdisplay plugin with a query that excludes files with a template.

Right @pixelijn. Good call, another file section. That would help.