Arabic text in Kirby's panel is output confused

Okay, thanks. I don’t mind, if the Panel’s translation stays one language, I just need the output in the template to be translated, but I did not really get the solution @texnixe posted.

My blueprint-field still looks like this:

  	label: Currently Blooming
  	type: checkboxes
  		Musa Basjoo: Musa Basjoo
  		Ficus Carica: Ficus Carica
  		Ziziphus Jujuba: Ziziphus Jujuba
  		Opentia Ficus Indica: Opentia Ficus Indica
  		Phoenix Dactylifera: Phoenix Dactylifera
  		Punica Granatum: Punica Granatum

And I’m calling this list of options in my template like this:

<?php $blooms = $pages->find("pavilion")->blooming(); ?>
<?php foreach($blooms->split() as $bloom) : ?>
    <li><a href="<?php echo '#'.$bloomlink; ?>"><?php echo $bloom; ?></a></li>
<?php endforeach; ?>

How do I assign translations to the values in my translation .php’s?