Api with basic auth and panel access at the same time


My site has a panel access for the admin, a user login to see his/her shop order history (registration formula gives access via password or code) and a session based api connection for a shop cart.
This works perfectly and smooth.

Now I want to add an external API access to get all orders for my delivery software. As soon I add the following

'api' => [
        'basicAuth' => true

to my config, I have access via the API, but I can not use the panel anymore.
I get:

Kirby \ Exception \ PermissionException (error.access.login)
Invalid login

If I change it back, I have my panel and everything back, but I can not access data via the API.
The API has been tested with Insomnia and works. If basicAuth is false, I get a “Unauthenticated”

Any ideas? I had a look here Forum Topic 26561 but if I follow this, I lose my session based API setup for the shop cart.

As an additional information: The API has to be able to read/write.

Thanks in advance,