Api/site/children - Post new page from postman - Error: 400 - Please enter a valid URL appendix

Hi All!

I try to create a new page with api/site/children endpoint but I get an error.
The error is “Please enter a valid URL appendix”.
I checked the documentation: /api/site/children | Kirby CMS.
But I don’t have any idea why I can’t post a new page :s

Please help me, thank you.

Will be easier to help you if you share how you are currently trying to do this. :slight_smile:

You have to send at least the slug as JSON data in the body (screenshot from Insomnia instead of Postman)

	"slug": "some-slug"

Make sure you have set the config options as needed:

 'api' => [
        'basicAuth' => true,
        'allowInsecure' => true

And also set BasicAuth in Postman/your REST client with your username and password.

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Thank you its working!!!