“An unexpected error occurred” when editing+saving content, even as Admin


I’m experiencing the same issue, with a current client. The site has been up and running fine for a few months. Then today we received a call from the client, stating that they were being unable to update some of the information on the site.

The client has multiple locations, so we setup a structure field, where the client can copy+paste google map ‘embed’ code, which then gets displayed on the site. Should be pretty simple - and it has been working fine so far. The client had accidentally deleted the google embed code, and was trying to copy+paste them back into the structure field - but it wouldn’t let him… Here is what happens:

In Safari’s console, we get the following error:

I’m guessing that the Panel is trying to update info via AJAX, and it’s failing because of some kind of server configuration.

I’ve downloaded a complete copy of the client’s site to my local computer, and also uploaded it to our staging server. Both on my local computer AND on the staging server the site works flawlessly - I can save the google embed code without any errors.

I then tried comparing the PHP setup on the client’s production server, and on our staging server - there doesn’t seem to be any disparity between PHP extensions or options.

Everything seems to point out to a server issue, but it would be easier to convince the client if we actually knew what the issue was… :frowning:


Any solution found for this bug ? My client reports it to me from time to time.
It’s often due to just one word in the texte, when I replace this word, I’m able to update the page.


I’ve created an issue on GitHub: https://github.com/getkirby/panel/issues/1150


@luxlogica @gillesvauvarin Could you please post your PHP error log? The error message itself could point to anything as it’s not thrown by Kirby itself.


Unfortunately, I don’t have access to my customer web server but I will send him an email to know if he can send me its php error log


By the way, if you don’t want to post the logs publically, you can also send them to me via email at lukas@.


Sorry, @lukasbestle, we ended up moving the client to a different server, and I no longer have access to the old server and logs… :frowning_face:


I had a similar issue a few days ago and wrote our journey to figuring out what’s causing it in the GitHub issues, if anyone is interested: https://github.com/getkirby/panel/issues/1150


Please report here the OS and the software of the webserver, may be the version of the webserver and may be the name of the hoster. Thanks.


@HeinerEF I added the server (Apache) to the GitHub issue, thanks for the hint. I’m sorry, but I cannot share more information about the case here.