Allowed Templates in Blueprint with query?

Good morning,

is there any way to limit the allowed templates with a query? As I know this was also discussed in K2. Example:

  headline: Alle Seiten
  type: pages
  status: all
  text: "{{ page.num }} - {{ page.title }}"
  image: false
  templates: site.index.filterBy("template","!*=","block-")

The template option only allows a list of templates, not a query.

Damn, also not a option for a API or similar? I have more then 50 blueprints currently and everytime they change when I add new features, they must be extended manually?

No, no queries in sections, I’m afraid. Not even a way to extend the options somehow. The only solution would be custom section. If you don’t the option to add pages through this section, check out @rasteiner’s plugin: