Allow script tag in uploaded SVG

Hi there,

I’m currently trying to create a plugin that will transform KeyshapeJS animated SVGs the way I need them. Inside those SVGs are script tags that I need, but Kirby won’t allow them. In general this is obviously the right choice, but in my case I really need them.

In the Kirby Svg class I found the script tag in the $disallowed tags. Is it possible to overwrite this behaviour inside a plugin?

The problem is that for the website I’m currently working on I have to include 130 animated SVGs and doing the needed work by hand takes about 15 minutes per SVG. :sweat_smile: So any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks and all the best

Yes, possible indeed. I got some comprehensive explanations on a similar issue a while back :slight_smile: …hope that points you in the right direction? Error uploading standard Garmin GPX tracks · Issue #3433 · getkirby/kirby · GitHub

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Thanks @sebastiangreger, you’re the best! :slight_smile: In case anyone else needs this, this is what I ended up doing inside my plugin’s index.php:

@include_once __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

Kirby\Sane\Svg::$disallowedTags = array_diff(Kirby\Sane\Svg::$disallowedTags, ['script']);
Kirby\Sane\Svg::$allowedTags = array_merge(Kirby\Sane\Svg::$allowedTags, ['script' => true]);

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