All images are rotated after uploading

Hey folks,

i´ve uploaded some images on my ftp like every time. Nothing special. But today after i uploaded my images all Portrait photos are now rotated into a landscape image. I have no idea why?
Ive checked the images in different programs and on different computers.
The images are only in landscape mode when i upload them.

Anybody who had the same problem?


There is an older post regarding this issue: Wrong orientation of images (Portrait/Landscape) after upload

Maybe this helps.

Unfortunately, no … ive uploaded the images on facebook too and there it works.
The images were shoot from different cameras so i cant believe that the sensors dont do their job false…

I’ve had that problem in the past and the only thing that did it for me was to open the images in paint and save them… Yes I’m serious. It sucks.

maybe strip exif data using a tool like imageoptim would be faster than paint or use batch conversion of graphiconverter. both for mac, but similar tools should exist for windows.

Okay i fixed it, i used Adobe Lightroom for my problem…
Ive importet my images and exportet them with lightroom. So in this steps i havent done anything on my images.
Now all portrait images are perfect :wink:

it definitely sucks and cost time…

Thanks for ur help !

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Since it seems it was the first time this happened, I’d be interested to know if and what changes you made before the problem occured? Updated Kirby? Never uploaded any portrait images before? Changed PHP version or server?

i use the images only ones a year… respectively i upload the images once a year.
Last month i´ve updated kirby from 2.2.0 to 2.3.2.
The site is running on PHP 5.5.
All other functions work perfectly as one of kirby usual is :wink: