Advanced Search & Multi-filters


I am working on a database/library type of website (of approx. 500-1000 items) which will incorporate some Advanced Search & Multi-filter functionalities.

The content is split between 5 different pages (with sub-pages) in the panel: Artworks, Artists, Curators, Exhibitions & Publications. Each of the sub-pages is quite rich with multiple tag, select and date fields.

I am exploring ways the user could search and filter the items using those fields in the front end.

Two ways I am exploring are parameter based searching/filtering:

  1. A search field with (one or more) select inputs that limits the results to the the chosen tags/date range etc.

  2. A form displaying multiple select fields/tags that a user selects to filter the collection of items. This form could be submitted to produce the required results via a route I believe.

Beyond basic use of search() and filtering single tags/years via a route, I don’t have more experience in this area and was wondering if you could point me in the right direction.

For Kirby 2, I saw that there was a using filters with forms eg select fields cookbook recipe which was brought up in this question, but it is not available anymore.

Thanks a lot.

The old recipe for Kirby 2 is here: Filtering Compendium | Kirby

This might help with setting up such a form.

The filtering itself is more comfortable in Kirby 3 with the when() method, though.