Adding Classifieds functionality to Kirby website

Hi, recently discovered Kirby and really like the architecture and principles. Interested if there are any premade solutions to add classifieds functionality? What I need:

  • User with role “Client” can create new page/post “Ad”, and only in Draft mode
  • After this user with role “Admin” gets letter about new “Ad”
  • User with role “Admin” can change the status to “Published”
  • Ad is published for certain time, for example one year
  • Two weeks before expiration, Client gets letter, that his Ad is about to expire.

I am pretty sure, that it all can be created manually, but I am designer and project manager, know HTML and CSS, not coding, so thought maybe someone can guide me or show premade solutions for this.

This is really just controlled publishing times. Theres a plugin that can do this, that allows you to publish and un-publish pages. It’s not difficult to setup.

As for the email notification, Kirby does have email support, so you could probably easily trigger an email by checking the adverts dates daily and acting accordingly. You could probably do it in a route and then get a cron job to hit that route once a day or something. You should probably log that someones been notified already since they will get spammed daily for a fortnight if you dont, and it should probably login somehow since anyone hitting that route will trigger the email.

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