Adding a class to all <figure> tags for images

I’m relatively new to Kirby and loving it so far. For lazy loading my images, I need to add a class to the generated tags around my images (e.g. <figure class='lazyloader'>). What would be the correct way to do this?

Thanks in advance


Do you mean when adding images via the kirbytext image tag? You can pass a class like this:

(image: some_image.jpg class: some_class)

Thank you for your answer. But I forgot mentioning that I additionally need to extract a Kirby Image Field for the dominant color. I want to replace the figure tag with something like this:

<figure class="lazyloader" style="background-color: <?= $image->color() ?>">


You can overwrite the original image tag. Make a copy of it and save it in the /site/tags folder. Make changes as required.

Thanks a lot. I’m on the right track now.