Add() to pages collection returns strings instead of objects


In my navigation setup I need to add a page to an existing pages collection:

    $navigationItems = $site->find("examplepage1", "examplepage2", "examplepage3");
        $navigationItems = $navigationItems->append("specialpage");

The special page needs to be appended before the two last navigation items. So I’m trying this:

        $navigationItems = $navigationItems->offset(-2)->append("call");

But then looping over the navigation items to construct the navigation, the foreach loop gives me a Call to a member function title() on string error later in the code.

Error occurs here:

<?php foreach($navigationItems as $navigationItem): ?> 
    <?= $navigationItem->title()->html() ?>
<?php endforeach ?>

Am I misunderstanding the append() function and it’s generating a string instead of a page(s) object?

If I use add(), appending works fine but add can’t use offset(), can’t it?


That’s because you add a string instead of a page object.

Ah, sorry, my bad – I guess I have to append($site->find("specialpage")) or something similar then.
I guess the negative offset is working then. Haven’t tested it yet though.